About Our Learning Zone

Learning Zone

Welcome to our Learning Zone! This is a space on our website where you can learn a bit more about some of the diseases that are either more common in the black community or where the black community has a worse outcome, compared to other ethnic groups, when they are diagnosed.

The purpose of pulling this information together is to empower our community with the information needed to make changes to their lifestyle to reduce their risk of developing these conditions or to ensure that there is awareness of symptoms so that prompt action can be taken to ensure an early diagnosis. Diagnosing diseases early  reduces unnecessary suffering and gives you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Some of the diseases we focus on in our Learning Zone are hereditary and can’t be prevented or cured so in this case a greater understanding of the disease can help you better manage your condition.

As well as providing information on particular diseases, where we have delivered relevant projects, we’ve included a summary of the work we’ve conducted as well as related news and articles that we thought you’d find interesting.

Our Learning Zone was first put together in 2014 but went off line for a couple of years and is back now in December 2017.  We hope to develop it further, making it more dynamic and interactive, but in the meantime we hope you’ll find the information we have provided to be useful.

Our Learning Zone covers the following areas:

Happy learning!